Monday, November 5, 2012

Oculus Designs New Llywelyn's in Wildwood, MO

One of the biggest indicators of a recovering economy is when consumers spend money dining out and drinking. Nothing says economic turnaround more than a restaurant full of guests willing to spend their money on a dining experience.  According to QSR Magazine, restaurants have added close to 550,000 new jobs since the late 2000’s recession and represent one of the strongest sections of a growing economy.  

Llywelyn’s, the Celtic Pub and client of Oculus, is definitely experiencing the upside of this economic upswing and are expanding operations as a result.  With three strong performing locations close to the city of St. Louis, the restaurant was able to double their number of locations and reach into markets such as St. Charles, O’Fallon, and even Kansas City. Now they are about to expand further into the St. Louis suburb of Wildwood with a new location designed by our firm.

According to the St. Louis Business Journal, the restaurant chain is on track to top $10 million in revenue this year, with sales dramatically on the rise since 2008. The building will take the urban design aesthetic of the Central West End and Soulard locations and make it unique and applicable to the existing suburban Wildwood architecture.

In an interview with Sauce Magazine, marketing director Sandie Jones said that the menu items will be the same as those offered at the other locations, but with a few new additions to all stores once it opens its doors.

Oculus is also designing another new project for Llywelyn's in the St. Louis area. Check back for a post about it.

Oculus is proud to work with Llywelyn’s and is proud to help take part in growing the local economy. If you have read through this much of the blog post and don’t know about Llywelyn’s, you can visit their website or check out their Twitter

Interested in seeing some renderings? We just so happen to have a couple:

Exterior Shot

Exterior Shot

Exterior Shot

Interior Shot

Interior Shot

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